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Become inspired by the surroundings in our bathroom to stage your own home spa.

I've asked Helle Forum how to do a home spa, and she tells us:

"Well begun is half done: prepare your home spa with water in a jug, a drinking glass, serve yourself a plate of fruit cut into pieces. Make your favorite towels and your bathrobe ready, light candles and a fragrance lamp, and set relaxing music to play softly.

It is a good idea to turn up the heat in the bathroom before your spa session; being wet and cold is not comfortable. Spa is about giving yourself time and care, the intention is to reconnect with yourself through the time in your home spa, to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize yourself.

The first step is to exfoliate. Choose dry-brushing, or a body scrub crème which both boosts the blood circulation and cleanses your skin, leaving it ready to drink in the elements of your treatment

Then soap yourself slowly and carefully all over —

For the bath you should ideally use a bathtub and add a good aromatic bath oil. But you can also arrange your home spa in the shower. Place a (plastic) stool in the showers so that you can sit for a few minutes under the silent pouring water. In any case, never use water hotter than a maximum of 38 degrees, hotter than that will dry out the skin.

Enjoy the water trickling over your skin, be aware of the moment and let it be a meditative time out.

The bath has now opened your skin and mind, remember that the skin must be closed again by a quick cold shower, or alternating cold and hot at least three times, finishing with cold.

A hair repair treatment is easily and simply made from olive or argan oil. Distribute the oil in your wet, newly washed hair, then wrap up in plastic and a thick towel to keep in the heat, so that your hair opens up better and lets the oil penetrate; let it work for 15 minutes. Apply shampoo to your hair BEFORE adding more water – otherwise it'll be impossible to get the oil out of your hair.
While waiting for the hair repair cure to work, push back cuticles on finger and toe nails with a Nail Stone, gently removing the dead parts as if using an eraser. After the bath, cuticles will be naturally softened and therefore easy to correct.

Finish with a body and face treatment: add your facemask and copy the body wrap from the professional spas. The wrap brings wellness on many levels and leaves your skin feeling like a newborn's. Add a body oil on your damp skin, after that a rich body lotion — wrap a large towel around yourself and relax for 15-20 minutes in silence lying on a yoga mattress on the floor or in the garden."

And finally, extend the sensual mood with a natural fragrance such as the Jardin d'Iris from SAMA.”

enjoy, Rigetta Klint


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