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4 experts give their advice on brand storytelling - Webinar

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4 experts give their advice on brand storytelling in a Mynewsdesk webinar

Finding stories in your organization

As over 43% of communicators and marketers struggle to create content, Mynewsdesk decided to tackle the topic of brand storytelling.

As a result, Mynewsdesk lined up four communication pros from Electrolux, Scandic, Mapillary, and Mention to share their experiences and advice on brand storytelling.

And the person responsible for leading the discussion was the renowned journalist and presenter, Maddy Savage, who did an excellent job to keep the speakers focused.

The questions raised on brand storytelling

Being a talented moderator, Maddy raised some excellent questions and brought in each panelist to share, in turn, their points of views.

Together, with Maddy, the panelists answered many challenging issues. Some of which, you will find below.

  • How has the landscape shifted in the past couple of years?
  • Why is brand storytelling so essential now? And how will brands lose out if they don’t get involved?
  • What are the usual mistakes brands make when starting to create content? And do you have any tips on how to go about it?
  • Smaller brands can be put off by needing a long-term strategy. How important is this? And what kind of an impact can ad-hoc content have?
  • How are the lines blurring between internal and external communications?
  • What best practice examples can you provide?
  • Does traditional PR and journalism still play a role?
  • Can companies get the balance right when it comes to investing in different kinds of communication strategies?

Because many see content creation as being hard, the panelists tried to inspire our audience to see it as something simple and easy.

Maybe, they may not have been able to address and answer all questions; however, we will certainly organize more discussion thanks to the feedback we received from you.

The poll question on brand storytelling

During the webinar, head of content marketing at Mynewsdesk, Christopher Van Mossevelde, launched a poll to ask the 460 attendees the following question: “In what areas do you need support in brand storytelling?” While the panelists discussed, participants selected one or more of the following options:

  • Tools & tech
  • Resources (resources, people & budget)
  • Skills
  • Data & insights
  • Strategy

And interestingly enough, the result surprised us. Watch the webinar to find out the answer.

Guest panelists in the brand storytelling webinar

The four panelists involved in the discussion were:

Sandra Carpenter – Corporate Communications Specialist at Electrolux

From writing copy for both internal and external audiences at Electrolux to crafting articles to entertain airline passengers on Scandinavian Airlines, Sandra Carpenter has spent decades searching out and finding good stories to share. Originally from the US, she now lives and works in Stockholm.

Heidi Wold – Communication Director at Scandic Sweden

A digital and analog native, Heidi has expertise in corporate communication, public affairs, and crisis management.

Sandy Errestad – Head of Communications at Mapillary

Before becoming head of communications at Mapillary,  Sandy has worked with over 50 startups in the Nordic and British markets. And recently, she was named one of the most influential tech profiles in the Nordics by Slush and The Nordic Web.

Sandra Chung, Head of Content Marketing at Mention

Based in Paris, Sandra is the Head of Content @ Mention – the leading media monitoring and social listening tool.

Moderator of brand storytelling webinar

Maddy Savage – Journalist and presenter, former BBC staff reporter

Maddy has reported for the UK and global TV news programmes and anchored BBC World Service radio shows reaching 50 million people a week. Based in Stockholm since 2014, she is currently a freelance journalist for media including BBC, Monocle, Time Out, and NPR, focussing on Swedish business, current affairs, and lifestyle trends.