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The sun has unsuspected and healing powers, but no matter how much we love the sun, one thing is certain: where our skin is concerned, sunlight also has clear disadvantages.

Going into the sun will severely damage your skin, especially if you expose yourself to intense sun without really being prepared.

The ultraviolet A and B rays in sunlight penetrate into our skin and release a kind of "cellular panic" which leads to severe degradation of the skin tissue. This is because they create free radicals which can only be neutralized by antioxidants.

The harm is inevitable, the question is how to repair it?

The desert plant Aloe Vera seems to hold an important part of the answer.

A very interesting fact, confirmed by scientific studies, is that if you use an Aloe Vera product with at least 70% high quality aloe extract immediately after sun exposure, as an after sun, you can almost completely neutralize the damage that the UV rays inflicted on the cells and immune system of your skin, and at the same time you can maintain its natural defense mechanisms against UV light.

 A further result is that Aloe Vera neutralizes oxidative stress (the free radicals released by UV radiation) in three different ways: through its content of important antioxidants, by activating your body’s own antioxidant enzyme system, and by increasing your ability to absorb Vitamin E and C.

These are actually very important and impressive qualities, which mean that if you use stabilized Aloe Vera of the best quality on your skin after a summer’s day in the garden or at the beach, you can give it highly important assistance in quickly neutralizing the many severely damaging and degrading processes that were initiated by the UV rays, and which would otherwise continue not just for hours, but for days after each sun exposure.

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