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On the sunny side

Rice is our fun and colourful spot in SLOWDESIGNhouse. Rice is the kind of kitchen stuff we all need and with their beautiful colours they make everyday life a little brighter.

I love melamine tableware, it has a nostalgic feel and reminds me of my grandmother. It's just as usable on a wonderful summer day in the garden as on the kitchen table on a gray winter morning.

Rice is based on equal parts of clever business acumen and desire to work with fun and talented people in decent conditions.

My store in Copenhagen was among the first that bought from the Rice collection when the company launched back in 1998, funny that our roads cross again, I love doing business with Charlotte and Philippe again

About their business principles Charlotte and Philippe say:

"We are all about fun, colour and function, but we do work with the heart and the brain as well.

A lot of our products are produced in the developing countries - and since our very early days we have always found it important that the people and places where we produce live up to local laws and labour rules.

This is why we chose to formalize our way of thinking and became SA8000 certified in 2002 as the first company in Scandinavia. It is a certification that ensures fair trading, respect for local laws, no child labour amongst many other things.

When we find a new supplier, we check out the facilities and they have to live up to certain standards — in some cases we choose to go in and make a plan of progress with a supplier, in order for them to be able to work with us.

We do not think we can save the whole world. But we are proud of our project, and we believe that no one can help everyone but everyone and help someone."


Rigetta Klint


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