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I met Erica through email a few years ago because she considered buying one of my dresses, then half a year later I met her again indirectly because her collaborator Irmela's daughter, who is a model, was participating in one of my fashion shows.

I love that kind of meant-to-be… now Erica and Irmela have joined us in SLOWFASHIONhouse. Welcome, we are so happy to share your enthusiasm with our visitors.

Welcome to the world of Raw Food, a café run by Erica Palmcrantz where we will offer you recipes and the possibility to buy her cookbook RAW FOOD. For Erica, raw food is firstly and foremost about vitality and energy. She learned about raw food from her cousin Jinjee who lives in California with her family. Erica has worked on the book together with Irmela Lilja who is a health and human resources journalist living in Stockholm, Sweden, and a vegetarian whose diet includes a high percentage of raw foods.

Erica says: "The purpose of RAW FOOD is to help you understand more about raw food. This book would have been an enormous help if I could have read it when I was new to raw food.

I began eating raw food without really realizing it. In February of 2005, I traveled to California to visit my cousin and her family, whom I hadn't seen for twenty years. My family had 90 pounds of oranges on their kitchen counter, the largest avocados I had ever seen, and a pantry entirely full of nuts. All of their meals were very simple, and the food was fantastic. I initially thought that I wouldn't become full or get enough energy from these foods, but it proved to be exactly the opposite.

After eight weeks of eating only raw food, it was quite a challenge returning home to Sweden and trying to fit my new lifestyle into my "old" life. But I knew then that raw food had become an integral part of my life, and that it was going to continue to be so. Since then, it has been quite a journey with its fair share of ups and downs. Having an unusual lifestyle can be challenging, and standing up for how I have chosen to eat and live is not always easy. But what motivates me to continue on this path is how incredibly good I feel from eating raw, and this inspires me to share this feeling with others, and help them to experience it themselves."                                                                       

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