communications kit

Communications kit for PR success

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Communications kit for PR success

All communicators need to monitor, create, distribute and measure their work. To simplify your life and make things easier for you, we’ve compiled some of our most popular and most handy templates and infographics all in one place, just for you.

communications kit

Why PR?

According to the Public Relations Society of America, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

PR is about earning and not interrupting people for their attention. A savvy communicator will know the art of storytelling and how to gain publicity for free from trusted, unpaid or earned channels.

What’s included in the communications kit:


Press release

9 of 10 journalists still use press releases. So, don’t stop creating and distributing them! Our template covers the most important parts of the press release, providing three quick tips and a checklist too.

PR plan

A simple truth: Communicators who plan are more effective than those that don’t. In this template, we cover who’s in your target group, goals, key topics and messages, editorial calendar, distribution and more.

Analysis framework

Most communicators struggle with analyzing the effects of their activities, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Use our simplified version to measuring your PR. The infographic covers the three main Key Performance Indicators, what steps to take to start measuring, finding the right analytics tools and the key features in them.

Creative brief

Don’t have time to take on a project? Don’t worry, just outsource it. Use our creative brief template to provide either a freelancer or someone you’re delegating a project to all the details. It includes a description of your company, industry, products, and audience, plus brand voice guidelines and more.

SEO guide

How can you think and work with SEO when doing PR? Our guide isn’t a detailed explanation on how to SEO optimize your website, but more an overview of how your PR work can help support and increase your online visibility for relevant search terms.

Make PR and comms easy

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