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New imagery article published!

Nyhet   •   Jul 15, 2013 17:26 CEST

The imagery and observation research group from University of Birmingham (BRIO group) has published a new imagery article! Fredrik Weibull from Imagine that is a member of the research group. If you are an athlete, a coach or a sport psychologist and you want to become better at creating effective imagery scripts, this is the article for you. 

Williams, S.E., Cooley, S.J., Newell, E., Weibull, F., & Cumming, J. Seeing the Difference: Developing Effective Imagery Scripts for Athletes. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 4 (2) 109-121

Here is the abstract from the article: This article provides guidelines for coaches and applied practitioners to create effective imagery scripts for use with their athletes. Supported by the imagery literature, we describe the planning, writing, delivering, and evaluating stages of script development. We explain the importance of considering the five Ws (Who, Where and When, Why, and What) in the planning stage, and use our own case study to provide specific examples of how we considered these when writing our own script. Finally we discuss different ways of delivering and evaluating the imagery script to ensure it is effective and continues to be over time. An example imagery script is provided along with a checklist coaches can use when developing their own script.

Order the article here. 

If you're interested in sport and exercise psychology ENYSSP organises a great workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden the 25-26 of October. Read more about it here. 

For our Swedish readers, see below for more information related to Imagine that. 

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Ha en fantastisk dag!

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