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Fragrances from fantasy land

May I present: Three incredible new fragrances from Honoré des Prés and exceptional perfumer Olivia Giacobetti now available in SLOWFASHIONhouse: Vamp à NY, Love c♥co and I ♥ les carottes.

The latter was inspired by New York after a crazy, sleepless night full of partying and euphoric tensions. Its notes introduce joy and health, since carrot is so beneficial.  I les carottes is a raw, arty and soft cocktail. With the smell of carrots from Harlem organic farmers, Olivia Giacobetti has blended seeds thinned out from the carrot flower, still carrying the good smell  of the earth, with mild orange, Carribean vanilla and secretive orris butter.

What's so delightful about I ♥ les carottes is the sensation of having your nose stuck in a hyper-realistic carrot with all its facets opened up and displayed. I love the smell, love the crazy idea and love their enthusiasm.

 Note that the new fragrances are now included for purchase in the Honoré des Prés sample set.

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