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To Tan faster

Is what most of us would all like. The glow of tanned summer skin can lift any spirit and make us feel happier about ourselves.

Here is a way to tan faster and more safely with less sun:

Imedeen Tan Optimizer tablets will prepare your melanin producing cells for summer. (Melanin is the pigment which creates your tan. It is produced by specialized cells in the skin as a protection against harmful UV rays and then distributed to all skin cells).

Without Tan Optimizer, this preparation does not start until you actually go into the sun, and it takes some days for pigment production to get going. But by preparing your cells in advance, production can start immediately when you go to the sun and you will tan faster, more easily and with less sun than you would otherwise need. And so Imedeen will even make it easier for you to avoid the temptation of excess sun exposure.

At the same time, Imedeen Tan Optimizer contains effective antioxidants which improve your skin’s ability to protect itself from damaging free radicals, while also reducing your risk of developing a sun rash.

Start taking one tablet a day 30 days before you go into the sun (the start of your vacation) and continue at least till the end of your exposure. To maintain your tan optimally, it is even better to continue up to one month longer.

After sun I really recommend the new Avivir Aloe Vera After Sun Tan Optimizer. Not only does the Aloe Vera readily repair UV damage to your skin cells, but thanks to a unique complex of saccharides it will even improve your ability to produce pigment. Use it as your daily body lotion for a while in order to prepare your melanin producing cells and improve your tanning ability, but especially in the evening after any amount of sun exposure.

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