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Why Organic Skincare

Tomorrow we will launch a new member of our no-more-nasties beauty family, “Rudolph Care”

Today we are preparing.  Among other things, we are discussing what to tell journalists about our bathroom department at our press event tomorrow afternoon in Stockholm.

Helle Forum, former beauty journalist and our curator in Bathroom, argues: "I have always been concerned about skin and its function.

For years I have become more and more concerned with naturalness. As a beauty journalist I had access to all the most exclusive creams in this world, but often the only products that would survive in my own bathroom were the naturals.

This year in January I opened my shop Bathroom in SLOWFASHIONhouse ,  a shop with products that pass the test: products that I would love to have in my own bathroom. The products here are almost exclusively natural and mainly also organic. A profile that I will take even further. “

Our age has a great  focus on naturalness and organicness.

Because we understand that there is cause for concern, because now, after generations of high consumption of chemicals in agriculture, food, detergents and cosmetics alike, we are now paying the price.

We see an increasing number of fertility problems, multiple congenital defects and more allergies just to name a few.

At our office, we are reading "No More Dirty Looks" (a book which will be for sale in the shop later this week) —really a wake up call about traditional cosmetic products and the cosmetic industry. That book teaches us to take our responsibilities seriously.

It’s not simple to be a conscious consumer. Not all brands are as pure and green as they would like us to believe.

One must look for advisers who can sort out the companies that produce on terms and from beliefs that we trust.

On our part — that means Helle — we will make an effort to stay updated on the latest news in order to offer you products that are as clean and effective as possible.

SLOWFASHIONhouse sees it as an important mission to be perceived as a shop where you as a consumer can shop with confidence, and not least, where you are welcome with your questions.


Rigetta Klint



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