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I have a darling until…

Our bathroom curator, Helle, is my constant source of inspiration in the beauty field, and she has a scary ability to introduce me to fragrances, skincare and other products  that I just have to try and then often must buy  — and I am faithless, falling in love again and again.

Recently she introduced me to  a series of amazing nail lacquers from Deborah Lippmann; not only are they in "must own" colours — completely irresistible in fact — they are also very long lasting and without  the ingredients  we all prefer to avoid: formaldehyde, toluene and  dibutyl phthalate — and in addition, the bottles are beautiful and decorative.

Today I'm wearing a fantastic very dark black-green petroleum lacquer on my toenails: Don't Tell Mama.

And for my fingers I picked the light grey Waking up in Vegas.

Helle recounts:

"When Deborah Lippmann graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in music, she never imagined that she was to receive rave reviews not only for her voice, but for her work as a manicurist as well. It was just that it turned out to be an ideal day job to combine with her night performances as a singer. So she ventured into cosmetology school and soon proved to be a natural talent. After moving to New York her career took off: she soon had an impressive client list including numerous celebrities — and became a preferred manicurist for editorial use. In her own product line she has made sure that not only will her — gorgeous — shades look fantastic, but the formulas will also help to restore nails to their best health."

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